2017 Greater Youngstown Italian Fest

Notice of Additional Regulations for Vendors
(Addendum/Additional to Vendor Contract)

AUGUST 4, 5, 6, 2017 • Downtown Youngstown

Setup AUGUST 2 AND 3

  1. VENDOR SETUP: ALL VENDORS ARE REQUIRED TO SETUP WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY, prior to the Festival (Committee will notify you of your date and time). Any vendor who does not show up on these setup days WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION will be required to pay a $100.00 LATE ARRIVAL fee (over and above the contracted amount for their space) in cash to the Festival before they will be allowed to open their booth. Upon receipt of this payment, the vendor will have until 10:00 AM Friday to unload their supplies/products/etc., at their space and remove their vehicle from the Festival grounds.

Prices have changed for vendor spots (due to cost increases for the Fest). ALL
vendors fees will increase in 2017: Food vendors- $1,000.00, drink and dessert
vendors- $750.00, retail/non food, drink- $300.00.

  1. The deadline for return of a Food/commercial vendor contract is now MAY 31, 2017 – on this date, the Fest will begin placing the vendors into the street setup grid and, in most cases, will be placed on a first received – first placed basis. No exceptions to this.

Those contracts received after MAY 31, 2017 will be considered individually and may or may not be accepted. These late applications will also be subject to placement in designated “over-flow” areas.

  1.  In order to maintain the authenticity and the spirit of the Greater Youngstown Italian Fest, the Fest has decided on the following:
  • Each clothing vendor will be required to have some products available with ITALIAN themes (prints, color schemes, etc.)
  • Each food vendor will be required to have some ITALIAN products – this could include Italian foods or other products with color additives; food products must be approved by the Fest.
  • ALL SPACES will be required to decorate their spaces with Italian themed items (banners, flags, signs, lights, etc.). To add to the Italian décor, you might consider having your sales people wear Italian colored or themed clothing, scarves, aprons, etc. This could also include wearing replica “peasant” outfits, etc.

Please contact our Office, as soon as possible, if you plan not to attend our Festival as a vendor for 2017.
This will give the Festival ample time to fill empty spots on Festival grounds. Please be sure to leave a name, correct address, phone number and to leave a detailed message or e-mail at italianfest1@gmail.com

Phone: (330) 942-4510

– Click to download Vendor Contract Agreement – 2017

– Click to download Vendor Additional Regulations Notice – 2017